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Month of November 2017

The BigR Solutions’s Founder, Mr. Saubrey Tshabalala, speaks on Motsweding FM on how people can spend their money well in order for them to achieve their own personal goals. Numerous points have been mentioned of which can help one use to improve their finances, which will lead to them reaching their own individual goals.

Episode 2: Credit Cards

The BigR Chairman, Mr. Saubrey Tshabalala, speakson air about the usage of credit cards and how one may decrease their level of debt created by the usage of credit cards. Incredibly invaluable advice on someone who aims to relieve themselves of bad debt created by credit cards.


Talk Radio 702: Teaching Young Children How To Save

The BigR Solutions's Founder and Chairman, Mr. Saubrey Tshabalala provides highly valuable insight as to how parents may begin the process of teaching their children how to start saving money with the listeners of Talk Radio 702 alongside Ray White.

The Month of January

Episode 1: Growing Money


Saubrey Tshabalala, Founder and Chairman of The BigR Solutions provides invaluable insight into the rarely spoken about topic of growing your money by letting your money work for you.




SA FM With Ashraf Garda.


Mr. Saubrey Tshabalala, The BigR Solutions Founder and Chairman speaks alongside the host of the Afternoon Talk of SA FM, Ashraf Garda, about the strategies of which one may adopt to create wealth.


Chairman of The BigR Foundation Board, Mr. Saubrey Tshabalala speaks to host, Ashraf Garda about the purpose of having a Foundation and Speaks about how it has benefitted the community at large.

Saubrey Tshabalala Speaking About The Book Of The Secrets To Becoming Rich.

Saubrey Tshabalala, author of the BigR's Secrets To Becoming Rich, speaks live on Umhlobo Wenene about the aspects of his new book and the key topics of which the book covers.

Frank Casino and Saubrey Tshabalala On Lesedi FM

Music Sensation, Frank Casino and the Founder of The BigR, Mr. Saubrey Tshabalala Speak About All To Do With Life and Business On Lesedi FM.

Mr Saubrey Tshabalala Speaks on SABC About His Latest Book

Saubrey Tshabalala Speaks About His Latest Book On Morning Live

Mr. Saubrey Tshabalala On AfroWorldView's BizPulse About Teaching Young Children To Save

Saubrey Tshabalala Speaks On ANN7 With Stevey B On His New Book, The Secrets to Becoming Rich