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PBO NUMBER: 930/051/306



It is a Corporate Social Investment of The Big R Solutions. The foundation aimed at empowering communities at large with financial education and socio-economic factors.


To help individuals to identify, unlock and realise their full potential.



By offering financial literacy campaigns, financial books, study skills, career guidance and business training as the foundation aims to enable individuals to realise their full potential in the aspect of which they truly excel at.



In the past the company made an intervention of assisting schools with feeding schemes programmes especially high schools which were not assisted by the government. 10 schools were assisted in and around Tembisa, Daveyton, Vosloorus and Soweto to start their own feeding schemes.

The intervention also assisted with motivational speaking sessions in schools. A number of high profile celebrities such as Dr. Ali Bacher, Arthur Zwane, Chomane Chomane of Lesedi fm, Snake Rankane of Motsweding fm, T-Bose of Kaya fm, Kid Sithole, Dosto Noge, former 5fm presenter Tich Mataz and many others participated.

The intervention went further in helping schools to fundraise. The project managed to raise more R160 000 for schools. It further raised R20 000 and computers for one of the poor school that was conducting its classes from an old bus. The school’s name is Tembelihle primary school in Etwatwa.

In the year 2014 the company (The Big R Solutions) donated some money from its book sales towards the building of The Nelson Mandela Children Hospital.



The Big R Financial Readiness Campaign – Am I Financially Ready?

The Big R Foundation presents its latest social development project which is titled “The Big R Financial Readiness Campaign – Am I Financially Ready?” which focuses on educating not only adults but also our youth (especially our youth) on the subject of money. We focus on teaching what money is and how money works as well as of the importance of saving from an early age and also reinvesting in one’s self. The project also focuses on showing children the importance of Reading and doing Research which form part of our ethos here at The Big R Solutions; and are positive R words which leads you to Results, another positive R word.

We encourage learners to start saving and taking part in business from an early age so that they can have experience and in the process also learn that business is not easy and that it takes Dedication, Discipline, Determination and Decisiveness which we like to call “The 4 D’s” here at The Big R Solutions.

Our foundation seeks to assist to rid people in impoverished communities from the entitle mentality and we also want to do away with dependency syndrome. We want our girl children not to have to depend on child grants.

The project also benefits our teachers in schools in these communities as we offer to teach them study skills which they can then impart with their learners. “Why the teachers?” Simply because the learners come and go as they either finish school or move to other schools. Teachers however stay at the schools longer and can in turn share these study skills with new groups of learners. They can also use them for themselves as some teachers are still studying.

We have gone back to the old school method of saving in Piggy Banks and Money boxes and have encouraged learners to open bank accounts and save the money for long periods of time so that in the future when they need it, they do not have to depend on a study loan or any sort of loan to open up a business if that is the route they would like to take. We also have informed them that saving will not make you rich but it is of vital importance that we do save.



The BigR Foundation's Ambassador: Frank Casino

Identified as a Prolific and Zealous figure in the public eye of whom many can look up to for inspiration, The BigR Foundation has endorsed Music Artist, Frank Casino, As Its Ambassador. The reason for The BigR Foundation making this highly impactful decision is for the purpose of selecting a figure of whom is a direct reflection of The BigR Foundation’s purpose in society, of which is to serve and add value in the community at large.